The Bureau of Customs through the Manila International Container Port (MICP) and X-ray Inspection Project intercepted on Thursday various misdeclared goods, ukay-ukay and beauty products estimated to be worth P66. 4 million.

“Two of the seven containers belongs to Skadi Trading. The consignee imported several cosmetic products from South Korea. At the time of the alert, the importer cannot present the necessary certificate of product registration from FDA,” Commissioner Isidro Lapena bared.

The beauty products are estimated to be worth P50 million.

Another two containers from China, consigned to Hepomlan Trading, were seized for misdeclaration, lack of import permits, lack of sanitary and phytosanitary import clearance, and for violating Intellectual Property Act of the Philippines.

Lapena also said the importer committed a serious disregard of the law that caused the seizure of the shipments. Hepomlan violated Section 1400 in relation to Section 1113 (Property Subject to Seizure and Forfeiture) and Section 117 (Regulated Importation and Exportation) of the CMTA, Intellectual Property Act of the Philippines in relation to Section 118 (Prohibited Importation and Exportation) of CMTA, and FDA Act of 2009,” Commissioner Lapena said.

“Among the shipments seized are assorted smuggled merchandise like fake watches, perfume, cell phone batteries, garments, wallet, glass decors, LED lights, fake bags, calculator, Takoyaki maker, children’s scooter, animal medicine, and flour,” he added.

The seized goods of Hepomlan is estimated at P8 million.

On June 21, another shipment of Hepomlan Trading after customs authorities found undeclared boxes of fake G-shock watches. It was estimated to be worth P2.25 million.

The remaining three containers are consigned to EPAD Freight Fowarders.

“The shipments from China, filed under the informal entry, contains ukay-ukay and used shoes,” the Customs chief said.

The used clothing and used shoes are approximately worth P8.4 million.

The Office of the District Collector of MICP has alerted the shipments for violation of Section 1400 of CMTA and RA 4653. “We will issue a warrant of seizure and detention against the shipments to prevent its release from the BOC custody,” Collector Vener Baquiran said.

Approximately more than P3 billion worth of smuggled goods were apprehended by the Bureau of Customs in the first half of 2018, the Bureau chief said.

“Last Friday, July 6, we have filed criminal charges against the consignees and customs brokers involved in the illegal importation of onions and cigarettes at the MICP. It is estimated to be P37.759 million worth of goods,” Commissioner Lapena added.

He warned the illicit traders that he is serious in his fight against smugglers and reminded them that they will be at a huge disadvantage once the Bureau of Customs caught up with their illegal activities. ##


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