There is no truth to rumors that Commissioner Nicanor E. Faeldon has been or will be replaced as head of the Bureau of Customs.


BOC denies the rumors as mere fabrications to undermine his outstanding accomplishments in revenue collection, in anti-corruption and in the fight against drugs and merchandise smuggling.

As far as the Bureau is concerned, our performance e.g. increased in total revenue collection for 2016 that hit 97% and 100.2% revenue collection for the month of December 2016, the unsurpassed closed to P2-billion drugs haul last year, we are confident that Commissioner Faeldon still enjoys the trust and confidence of the leadership.


Unverified text messages have been circulating that a certain “Victorino”, said to be a close to the Palace, has been named as Faeldon’s replacement.


The rumor began to circulate (about Commissioner Faeldon’s possible replacement) after reforms in BOC was felt especially in revenue collection, anti-corruption, and anti-smuggling campaigns.


This issue has been circulating since last year, and a lot of names have been dropped to take the BOC chief’s post. But they all remained to be mere disinformation.


We urge the public to be vigilant and not to be victims of these unscrupulous individuals and group said to be part of a scam to extort money from BOC stakeholders.


BOC through its intelligence department, has already requested the NBI to investigate this matter.###